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  • What type of device do I need to run Waterlogue?[+]
    You will need an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is running iOS version 7 or greater or a device that runs Windows 10 with at least 1 gigabyte of RAM.

    The current version of Waterlogue will not run on:

    • Android phones or tables
    • Kindle Fire
    • MacBooks or iMacs
  • Will there be a version of Waterlogue for Mac OS X?[+]
    We are actively exploring making a desktop Mac version of Waterlogue.
  • Will there be an Android version of Waterlogue?[+]
    We don’t have plans at the time. Porting the interface and graphics code in Waterlogue to Android would be a substantial task. Please sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on any new developments.
  • Will there be a Waterlogue plugin for Photoshop?[+]
    We have no plans for this at the present time, but sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on any new developments.
  • What does the ruler with “Small, Medium, Large, Giant” settings control?[+]
    This controls the number of pixels that Waterlogue uses internally when making your watercolor. The higher the number of pixels, the more fine detail is captured in the final result (and the longer it takes to render). Picking a level of detail is one of the artistic choices you make when creating an image.
  • How is this different from the “Small, Medium, Large, Original” control in the Image Settings part of the export sheet?[+]
    The control on the export sheet sets the number of pixels in the saved or exported image. For “Small”, “Medium” and “Large” the final internal image is scaled to the size shown on the export sheet. For the “Original” setting the exported image is sized to the same size as the original source image (up to a maximum of 3584 pixels on the longest side, depending on which generation iOS device you have).
  • I don’t see a “Giant” or “Large” setting on my device.[+]
    Processing large images requires a lot of memory. To prevent crashes from lack of memory we limit the maximum image size on older devices that have less than 1 GB of memory. (iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch fifth generation, iPad 2, and iPad Mini first generation.)
  • I’d like to have finer control over Waterlogue’s settings than the presets allow.[+]
    We plan to offer control over the individual settings in a future release. Stay tuned by Following @WaterlogueApp on Twitter or Liking us on Facebook.
  • Why are there white spots and unpainted areas in my paintings?[+]
    The unpainted areas serve the same purpose as they do in real watercolors that are painted in one wet pass, without glazing or laying of color: They keep areas from bleeding into one another and add crisp definition to edges. The amount of unpainted area is pre-determined by each style.
  • Waterlogue works beautifully with landscapes and non-human subjects, but it doesn't always do as well with faces.[+]
    Waterlogue turns your photographs into watercolors by selectively removing information from your image. When working with faces that take up only a small part of the frame Waterlogue may treat the two sides of a face slightly differently. Unfortunately the human visual system is exquisitely tuned to recognize human faces. Slight anomalies in a picture of a face are much more noticeable than similar anomalies in pictures of other things. To avoid or lessen this problem, try the following:

    1. Use the highest resolution possible. (Pick the highest resolution available on the ruler that is to the right of the presets.)
    2. Using the Apple Photos app, zoom in and crop your photo a bit so that the face occupies a reasonable portion of he frame before you use it in Waterlogue.
    3. Try using a preset that has some ink outline (for example "Illustration"). This will often clarify the region around the eyes.
  • How do I remove the grid lines on the “It’s Technical” style?[+]
    The “It’s Technical” style was inspired by architectural watercolor sketches; the grid lines are graph paper. There’s no way to currently remove it, but this has been a popular request so we're working on a way to accommodate it.
  • How do I save images?[+]
    1. After you've created an image, tap the heart
    2. Tap “Save to Photos”
    3. Your image is now stored in Apple's Photos app
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  • How do I delete images?[+]
    There is no need to delete images when you are in Waterlogue—just load another image when you’re ready or leave the app. To delete an image that you’ve saved to Photos, use the trash can icon in Apple's Photos app to delete it.
  • Help! I can't load any photos.[+]
    It's possible that you've accidentally denied Waterlogue access to your photos. You can restore Waterlogue’s access to your photos by launching the Settings app and following these screens to turn access back on:
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  • I am having trouble saving images[+]
    Some older iOS devices have limited working memory which can occasionally causes problems when saving images. If you are encountering crashes or strange graphics artifacts on saved images, please try the following:

    1. Restart your device. This will make sure no other apps are holding onto memory.
    2. Try a lower (“Small”) output resolution:
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  • I can't share images to Twitter.[+]
    Twitter sharing requires that your Twitter account be set up in Apple's Settings app. Once you have set up your account, Twitter sharing will be available from the Export () menu.
  • I don’t see Facebook in the sharing options.[+]
    We will be adding Facebook in a future release. In the meantime, you can share your saved images to Facebook through Apple's Photos app or the Facebook iOS app, or the Facebook Camera iOS app.
  • I bought Waterlogue and it didn't finish downloading.[+]
    Occasionally, app's will fail to properly install. Try deleting the partially installed app and then download it again from the App Store. You will not be charged for redownloading apps you have already purchased.

  • I have a question about my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.[+]
    Please visit the Apple support site. Apple has a great support site with step-by-step answers to many questions.

  • I have an iPhone 4. When I save certain images or use certain presets the final saved image is missing a rectangle on the lower right.
    This seems to be a memory problem that occurs from time to time on an iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 has somewhat limited memory compared to more recent devices. Things you can do to try and remedy this (try one or both of them):

    1. Restart your device. This will make sure no other apps are holding onto memory.
    2. Try a lower (“Small”) output resolution:
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  • My image winds up stetted or squashed.[+]
    Did you crop the original image using the Photos app? When Photos crops a picture it doesn't really do the crop. It keeps the original uncropped image and records the crop rectangle. For some reason when we load one of these "cropped" images the Apple code we use to get an image takes the original image and scales and stretches it to completely fill the crop rectangle. This is what causes the distortion, and it appears to be a bug in iOS 7.

    We'll have some sort of fix for this in the next release. For now the only solution is to crop your pictures using a different app, one that actually does the crop and saves the cropped image. Two free apps that do this are Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Express.
  • What’s the fastest way to get photos into Waterlogue from my computer?[+]
    Dropbox and the Dropbox app for iOS. When your images appear in the Dropbox app on iOS, Copy them to the clipboard and Paste them into Waterlogue.
  • How do I save the highest resolution images possible?[+]
    The export settings are available through the export menu:

    • Small: 1024 px on the longest side
    • Medium: 2048 px on the longest side
    • Large: 3072 px on the longest side
    • Original: The exported image is sized to the same size as the original source image (up to a maximum of 3584 pixels on the longest side, depending on which generation iOS device you have).
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  • Why is the button to rate Waterlogue in the App Store buried in the About section?[+]
    We know people don’t like intrusive pop-ups that ask for ratings, so we are trying to be modest and polite. But we’d really like it if you would take a moment and rate Waterlogue.
  • What is the whale’s name?[+]
    He hasn't told us yet…
  • Where do you get whale sized umbrellas?[+]
    They are a special order.
If you would like further information on Waterlogue's use and features, several reviewers and bloggers have put together instructional content as part of their Waterlogue articles. While we can't guarantee 100% accuracy or completeness of this content, we think it's a great place to find more information.
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